The Necessity of Arbitration Clauses in Building Contracts

Brisbane Arbitration Lawyer Len Watt, explains the necessity of Arbitration Clause in Building Contracts. It is, unfortunately, a fact of life that building contracts will often end in dispute. Disputes can take many forms and they can be in relation to various aspects of a project. Commonly, parties will fall into dispute regarding payment, variations, ... Read more

Could Mascot Towers Happen in Queensland? – QBCC Disputes

QBCC Dispute Resolution Can Mascot Towers happen in Queensland? QBCC Dispute Resolution - The Lambert Report - Mascot Towers in Sydney is a topical current News story in New South Wales, previously it was Opal Towers. The potential failures in this building comes in light of the 2015 Independent Review of Building Professionals Act 2005, ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Construction Law

Brisbane building contract solicitor What is Construction Law? Construction Law includes (but is not limited to) domestic, commercial, industrial, mining and infrastructure. Construction law deals with a range of issues which require a Brisbane building contract solicitors, including: building and construction architecture and design engineering and design planning and development applications obligations of a developer ... Read more

How to Settle a Contract Dispute

Property Dispute Lawyers Disputes within the building and construction industries are a fact of life. Disputes about payment's, disputes about contractual terms or about any manner of different issues which are part of a building or construction project. It has become common place for dispute resolution clauses to be a part of the contractual arrangements ... Read more

Do You Qualify for a First Home Owners Grant?

Conveyancing Lawyers in Brisbane Qualifying for a First Home Owners' Grant Have you always dreamed of buying your own home? Are you currently saving and aiming to purchase your first home in the near future? Queensland residents have access to the First Home Owners’ Grant, a state government initiative aimed to assist individuals looking to ... Read more

Privity in Building Contracts

Construction  Contract Lawyers The doctrine of privity prevents third parties to a contract (parties who “lack privity”) from suing to enforce that contract. In these situations it is wise to engage the advice of construction contract lawyers. Issues with privity are not uncommon in building contracts and if parties are not aware of their rights ... Read more

Engineers and Architects are Now Responsible for the Safety of Building Products

Construction Law Dispute On 01 November 2018, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (‘QBCC Act’) was amended to impose further obligations on engineers and architects to encourage safe construction practices. The amendments place engineers and architects directly in the chain of responsibility for building products and with obligations to avoid a construction law ... Read more

The Necessity of Court Orders if you have Children

Family Law Solicitors It is absolutely essential to formalise the arrangements you have in place for your children when you separate. You don’t have to commence expensive and drawn out proceedings in Court, you can quite easily and inexpensively instruct a Family law solicitor's to prepare a Consent Order Application and draft proposed orders based ... Read more

How to Protect Your Organisation From Changes to Project Bank Account Laws

Building contract solicitor Brisbane As a builder or construction manager working in Queensland, it’s important for you to understand how Project Bank Accounts (PBA) work and when they are needed, especially as the laws are being amended. Failure to follow the rules regarding PBAs can result in criminal penalties, so let’s get some clarity on ... Read more

How to Deal with Delay and Disruption

Construction contracts lawyer As a builder, it’s important to understand how delays and disruptions to a project are treated in law and what you could be liable for. It is essential you engage a professional, thorough and experienced construction contract's lawyer. First, some definitions. Delay measures the time a project may be stopped for or ... Read more