Dealing with the threat of a suspended or cancelled license

QCAT dispute resolution - QBCC disputes What's the procedure for dealing with QBCC disputes about license suspension and what are your rights when it comes to QCAT dispute resolution? The QBCC can suspend your license if it believes you do not have the financial means to continue trading or you breach your license conditions in ... Read more

To Stay or not to Stay – How does the QBCC handle the problem?

Dispute resolution solicitor This is the second in a series of blogs regarding the current operations and practices of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (‘the QBCC’) which details the need to always consult with a dispute resolution solicitor if such matters occur and you need help with building contract disputes. Who has the power? ... Read more

5 Tips for Choosing your Conveyancing Solicitor

Brisbane Conveyancing Lawyer QUESTION How often do we get to purchase a block of land to build our first home or to build the dream home that we’ve been planning for a decade; or to purchase the doer upper we’ve had our eye on 5 streets down; or our first investment property ‘off the plan’? ... Read more

Is there a problem with the QBCC?

QBCC Disputes The Queensland Building and Construction Commission, or the QBCC, is unique. It is the building industry regulator which deals with QBCC disputes and the licensing authority. However, somewhat uniquely it is also the provider of Home Owners Warranty insurance to consumers entering into contracts for residential construction. Additionally, it is the home of ... Read more

Len Watt understand’s the building Industry

Construction Contract Solicitor I’ve walked in your shoes! As I have pretty well established by now, the law is my second major career. Prior to going to Uni in 2009 and becoming a Construction contract solicitor. I was working in the building and construction industries. My last project in the building industry was in Townsville, ... Read more

From Building Homes to Building Cases

Building & Construction Lawyers I was recently at a client’s house, helping them with legal matters when they pointed out that I seemed to understand their issues very quickly. A commercial builder had earlier made a similar comment and it made me realise that there’s a good reason for this due to my previous work ... Read more

Changes to Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence Lawyer New legislative changes to Domestic Violence Laws have been introduced under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012. The aim of this legislation is to ensure the safety, protection and wellbeing of people who fear or experience domestic violence. Here at Becker Watt Lawyers, we understand that this is an extremely ... Read more

Why should I see a lawyer to make my Will?

Will writing solicitor Why should I see a Will writing solicitor to make a Will? The question I am asked regularly is “Why should I pay a Will writing solicitor to make my Will when I can get one much cheaper, even free”. While we all want something for nothing, quality in a Will ... Read more

Am I an Excluded Person?

QBCC Dispute Resolution The Queensland Building and Construction Commission The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is responsible for licensing Queensland Builders, Contractors, QBCC dispute resolution and Certifiers. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (Qld) (QBCC Act) and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003 (QBCC Regulation) are the two primary sources ... Read more

A Man’s Home is his Castle? Construction Lawyers

Legal representation QCAT The saying ‘A man’s home is his castle’ is attributed to 17th Century English politician and jurist Sir Edward Coke, who used the statement in argument for the supremacy of the common law and the right to privacy. Meanings other than the original have been given to the statement in the years ... Read more