Brisbane building contract solicitors

Brisbane Building Contract Solicitors Beware the Other Arrangement under the BIFA The objective of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (‘BIFA’) is to ‘entitle certain persons who carry out construction work…to a timely payment for the work they carry out…’[1] Its purpose is to ensure money is flowing down the contractual chain. ... Read more

Estate Lawyers In Brisbane

Estate Lawyers Brisbane Becker Watt Lawyers are your Wills and Estate Lawyers Brisbane; our professional team will support and guide you through all processes surrounding Wills and Estates, including dealing with the estate administration of a deceased family member or friend. Out team are sensitive to your circumstances and will guide you through the whole ... Read more

Check your Cheques

Conveyancing Solicitors The Bank Cheque is the contracted and most accepted practice of exchanging money in property settlements for a Conveyancing Solicitors. However, these cheques are not free and depending on your institution can cost you up to $15 each. At settlement, the obligation is on the Buyer (or Buyer’s financer in most cases) to ... Read more

Do I have to provide an itemised bill?

Building contract solicitor Do I have to provide an itemised bill? You finished a job and provided the homeowner with an invoice that is in accordance with your quote, the homeowner responds by asking you for an itemised bill. Can they do that? Well if the work is for personal, domestic or household use and ... Read more

Why do we hurt the ones we love?

Brisbane Family Law I make no apologies, I don’t do Brisbane family law for a reason. I take my hat off to my colleagues who work in the family law area. People lash out in the middle of a breakup and even after a break up. But the fall out of a break up on ... Read more

What’s Next

Construction Legal Advice A little while ago, I took the leap and brought myself a law practice. I previously wrote about that and indulged myself believing that I had something important to say and was able to give Construction Legal Advice. I found that exercise very helpful particularly in clearing my mind of unwanted clutter. ... Read more

So Why Now?

Construction Litigation Lawyer Len Watt - Becker Watt Lawyers So at the age of 53 I have just taken a large step and gone into business for myself as a construction litigation lawyer. So am I mad? Why would I do such a thing? These are two of the numerous questions that I have been ... Read more