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Business Structures

At Becker Watt Lawyers, we ensure that your business and your business structure is right for you. Whether you are looking for a Commercial Contract Lawyer or a Commercial Property Lawyer, the team at Becker Watt Lawyers can assist and advise you.

Whether you are setting up a business or altering the structure of a current business, the process can be complicated and confusing. We can develop a business structure which will suit your current and prospective needs. If you are seeking to construct a company or to a develop a business with a more complicated structure (for example, using corporate trustees and trusts), we can help you from conception to incorporation.

Each Commercial Contract lawyer at Becker Watt Lawyers have comprehensive experience in drafting, negotiating and providing advice on a diverse range of commercial contracts, deeds and agreements. Some of these include: franchise agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and deeds of settlement.

If you are seeking advice or considering entering into a commercial contract, agreement or transaction, consult our team today to see what we can do for you.

Shareholders’ Agreements


A shareholders’ agreement is a type of contract which governs the reciprocal relationship between a shareholder and a particular business. The shareholders’ agreement plays a vital role in determining the rights and obligations of the company and its shareholders in any given situation.

If you are a director, our commercial contract lawyers can draft a shareholders’ agreement for you or can review a current agreement. Our team will canvas and consider any potential issues that may arise generally, and in your business specifically. We can review your current shareholders’ agreement and provide you with plain English advice and a strategy to deal with any issues should they arise.

Alternatively, if you are considering becoming a shareholder, it is important that you do not sign an agreement until you have sought legal advice. We can review the shareholders’ agreement for you to ensure that you understand your rights, obligations and liabilities prior to entry into an agreement.

Commercial Property Lawyers

When seeking the services of a commercial property lawyer in Brisbane, it is important to find a law firm that not only understand property, but also understand business. Whether you are purchasing, selling or leasing commercial property, our dedicated team of commercial property lawyers are here to help you. Our services start from drafting or reviewing the contract and continue through to completion or settlement. Visit our Brisbane office or contact our commercial property lawyers today to see what we can do for you.

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The Becker Watt Difference

At Becker Watt we like to think that we are different to a lot of other legal firms. We believe in real world experience intermixed with an in depth knowledge of the law.

Whether you are looking for a family law solicitor or a building & construction lawyers Brisbane with industry specific expertise. Let Becker Watt be your lawyer for Construction Contracts.

We look to build long lasting relationships with our clients, relationships that we value. Get real, down to earth legal advice without the jargon. We aim to be the number one choice for Brisbane Building contract solicitors.

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