Family Law Solicitors

It is absolutely essential to formalise the arrangements you have in place for your children when you separate. You don’t have to commence expensive and drawn out proceedings in Court, you can quite easily and inexpensively instruct a Family law solicitor’s to prepare a Consent Order Application and draft proposed orders based on the arrangements that both parents have agreed to. This Application will then be filed with the Federal Circuit Court and if it complies with the legislation, it will be sealed by the Court and is just as good as Court Orders that a Judge makes on your behalf following a trial.

Why Formalise?

You should formalise your agreement regarding your children because none of us can possibly know what the future holds – who will come into our lives and potentially influence our decisions or what opportunities will arise for work promotions overseas or interstate.

When there are Court Orders in place and one parent does not comply with their obligations to return the children; the State Police, the Australian Federal Police and Australian Customs are in a better position to assist you.  If you have orders in place and you ask your local police station for assistance and provide them with a copy of the Order, they can attend the residence of the other parent and request that the child be returned to you in accordance with the Order. If you are concerned that the child will be abducted overseas, you can contact the Australian Federal Police, provide them with a certified copy of the Order and they will place the child on an airport alert list. Transport authorities will then have a legal obligation to assist by ensuring that the child does not leave Australia pursuant to section 65ZA of the Family Law Act.

Our experienced Family Law Solicitors can help you ensure that your agreement is formalised in a Court Order.

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